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Champagne Reef is Dominica’s premier diving and snorkelling site and rates among the top five snorkelling sites in the Caribbean and the Bahamas and more recently was rated the #1 snorkeling site among 25 caribbean snorkeling sites by Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine.

Underwater geothermal springs vent gasses in the form of thousands of warm bubbles giving the visitor a feeling of swimming through a giant glass of Champagne. And that’s not all – the reef here is quite spectacular where you can expect to see a myriad of sea life including sponges, lobster, parrot fish and a resident population of Hawksbill turtles.

Upon arrival at Champagne Reef Dive & Snorkel’s modern water sports center, you will be outfitted with high quality snorkelling gear and given an orientation of the facility and the adventure that awaits you on the reef.

Our tours of the reef are led by professional PADI certified “Dive masters” who will instruct you on the correct use of your gear and brief you on what you are likely to see and experience once in the water.

After your tour you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of our center with showers changing rooms, refreshments, gift shop and our sundeck overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.






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