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For lots of people, a 55-gallon fish tank stand is an excellent size. It’s not actually all that significant, but it’s big sufficient to have areas for great deals of smaller sized fish or for aggressive African Cichlids. You can also utilize it to house big fish. But the important thing is its size as well as weight when full can offer trouble.

Its measurements can get to 48″ x 13″ x 21″ and also its weight with water can rise to 550 extra pounds. You can’t simply place it on a flimsy table or rack. You require a robust 55-gallon fish tank stand.

My recommended 55-gallon stand is the Water Fundamentals, proceed reviewing for even more choices.

Advantages of a 55-gallon Fish Tank Stand

When you have a represent your fish tank, it resolves many of your issues however only if you get the best one. You need to specifically look for a 55-gallon aquarium stand to ensure that you understand it can bear the weight, which its design development for the best measurements.

However, it additionally matters whether your aquarium is glass or acrylic. With a glass fish tank, it’s enough that you supply support for just the outer edges of the storage tank. However acrylic is a various issue, as well as you’ll require bottom assistance for the entire size and size of the container.

Disadvantages Of a 55-gallon Fish Tank Stand

Certainly, the most noticeable drawback is that you’ll need to spend more money, and it may appear that this pastime is all about getting stuff. What can be irritating is that you need to get the appropriate stand, or else you’re going to waste your money.

That implies you need to commit some time and also effort in making your choice of the stand. That implies analysis evaluations as well as considering your requirements. You do not just think about the demand of your aquarium, however also the appearance of your space so that the interior design is coherent and enticing. The wrong option can make your space appearance worse.

Types of Stands

There are various types of stands to choose from. Nevertheless, you primarily have 3 choices: timber, metal, or a mixed media stand. They each have their very own pros and cons.


For many people, this is a prominent option, and also one reason for that is due to the fact that it is generally the most affordable of them all. They’re usually developed to support the sides of an aquarium, so that means they’re just great for glass fish tanks and also not for acrylics.

There’s also one typical issue with metal stands, which’s the absence of storage room for your additional fish tank tools. That means you’ll have to get more stands to place your devices near the fish tank.


For many people, timber is a great selection. It’s like acquiring another piece of furniture, and the material makes a good suit for the other pieces of furniture in the room. It’s also an excellent stand for acrylic tanks, as they give full support for an all-time low of the fish tank.

One distinct benefit of this sort of stand is that you can locate numerous that deal cabinet and also cabinets for your accessories. Likewise, there’s a great deal of selection in timber designs and also surfaces, so you can select one that matches the space’s general interior decoration.

With wood stands, you’ll once again need to be extremely concerned regarding how it takes care of splashing. It must be completed properly to ensure that it can stand getting wet regularly.

Wood stands can be made with bit board or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Bit boards do not create top-notch stands, nonetheless. They do not succeed in high-moisture circumstances. When you obtain them damp on a regular basis, there’s an excellent opportunity that it will ultimately fall apart. MDF is a far better option.

The main disadvantage of timber is that it’s far more costly than steel stands.


Typically, this kind uses timber assistance, but the metal supplies the material for the securing fasteners. That makes it able to sustain acrylic tanks firmly. However, the price can be so much greater.

There’s a 4th type that’s being introduced to the marketplace, and that’s stands made from unique plastics. There are a couple of laminate stands, as well as also an acrylic stand. These can stand up to water extremely well, as well as they can normally match the look of a storage tank to ensure that you get an even more visually enticing tank/stand mix. But these stands are extremely uncommon.


Ideally, you currently recognize the fundamental rules of fish tank positioning. You don’t put them in direct sunshine or near vents, or any place that can swiftly change the temperature level in the fish tank. You’ll want to stay clear of putting it near doors, speakers, or heavy foot traffic so the noise and also continuous task do not emphasize the fish.

You also require to ensure that your stand is near a power electrical outlet for your devices. Plus, you’ll need to be near a water drain and also source.

Yet you’ll have a unique interest in a 55-gallon aquarium stand because of the dimensions and the weight. Avoid putting it in the middle of a space, where it can trigger the floor to droop. Rather, position it ideal beside a weight-bearing wall.

Things you need to know before buying Fish Tank Stand 

Nothing distinguishes fish owners more than the way they display their aquarium. You can always see a fish owner proud by the material and quality of aquarium support that contains their aquatic investment. Aquariums are available in many sizes, shapes, and price ranges.

Although most aquariums are for 75.71-liter tanks and above, there are still tanks that can hold 37.85 liters of aquariums on them. There are several models that support the aquarium, from a simple shelf model to a more powerful furniture model. The materials are also very diverse, so the bigger the fish tank, the stronger the support material.

Shelf support models are usually for smaller aquariums and are made of lightweight metals like aluminum. The shelves for larger aquariums or for a double tank are made from a stronger steel structure with welds.

The next one in the shelf is what is commonly known as an aquarium cabinet. These supports may contain aquariums, or place it on supports, depending on the model selected. Aquarium racks are made primarily of wood and wooden products. Almost any decoration can be combined using this type of support, as they can be designed in almost any style and color. The types of wood construction available are solid wood, medium-density fiberboard and a mixture of both.

Construction of solid wood has all solid wood, without components made of synthetic fiber wood called MDF or MDF. None of the panels on the aquarium racks can be made using MDF wood to qualify as a solid timber construction.

The supports built using MDF are often referred to simply as fiberboard construction. These units will be few if any solid wood components. These supports can be very attractive and can fit the decor of almost every home as they are available in a variety of veneers. These veneers will fit into existing furniture because they are real wood, lightly sliced. If you have a room with mostly oak furniture, an oak aquarium support will be a perfect match. The advantage of using fiberboard construction is mainly cost. Wooden units will always be cheaper to buy than their solid wood counterparts.

Building a mix can have more than one meaning. Such a set will be made of solid wood on the sides, front and top, while the back, floor, and drawers are made of industrial wood. That could also mean the main building is made of MDF, with drawers front and front from solid wood. Each manufacturer will have its own definition of mixed construction, so your diligence. It is always in your best interest to ask the seller how to build the aquarium before you buy it.

For those with very large aquariums, a simple aquarium keeper will not work. This is where the wall aquarium comes in. These units are built into existing walls or used as the wall itself. The units that are incorporated into existing walls are fully wired to provide lighting and spacious visibility. This type of aquarium construction can be done to see only on one side, or both sides.

Aquariums are large enough to be used to identify home spaces that are not only visible from both sides, but in some cases, they can be viewed at one or both ends depending on the type of building. Again these are saltwater aquariums, and this type of unit is very expensive.

Some tips for aquarium stand

You will need to consider where the aquarium will be located. Be sure to measure and review the actual size before you select and buy your media. The standard size in the supports is within 76.2 cm unless you choose custom support.
Although wood is the most expensive option for your aquarium, it will be the strongest. Wooden brackets are usually made from hardwood like oak. Wood tends to resist very well under heavyweight, and will not suffer water damage as easily as MDF wood.

When buying a wooden aquarium, check for holes made to allow for easy installation. If you find a unit you like without pre-made holes, ask if they can be drilled before delivery.

Most metal aquariums are made of steel or iron. If you choose a support unit for saltwater aquariums, do not choose metal as it will be subject to rust if it gets wet. Also, the metal aquarium support does not come with storage space to hold and hide aquarium supplies.

Aquarium-style interior racks are more stable and provide more storage space than conventional racks.
Keep in mind these tips, hope you will buy a stand that not only displays your aquarium well, but also provides the necessary storage, and looks good in the process.

The Best 55-gallon Fish Tank Stands Testimonials

If you’re a novice, below are some stands that offer good value for money

1. Marine Basics 55 Gallon Upright Fish Tank Stand

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  • These mixed-media procedures 49.4 x 13.1 x 28.2 inches that makes it appropriate for the typical 55-gallon container dimensions.
  • It’s a cabinet-style stand that provides complete lower assistance and storage area. It considers 74.6 pounds.
  • It's very easy to construct with its clear instructions.
  • It benefits acrylic containers also.
  • It's made from dense fiberboard, with moisture-resistant powder layer finish.
  • The securing camera set up is made with steel components.
  • It looks fantastic and also stylish.
  • It's the most costly on this listing, although the price is still reasonable.
  • There aren't any kind of flexible feet for progressing.

2. Petco Brooklyn 55 Gallon Metal Storage Tank Stand

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  • This steel stand is really basic, and it measures 48.5 x 13.5 x 29.5 inches. That's good enough to fit nicely with the common 48" x 13" x 21" measurements of a 55-gallon tank.
  • It only gives support for the sides, nonetheless, so it's restricted to glass tanks. It evaluates 34.5 extra pounds.
  • It's made from resilient strong steel, and also it's strong sufficient to sustain far more than 550 pounds.
  • It comes with powder layered coating for wetness resistance.
  • It also has flexible feet so you can level the stand before you include the container.
  • This item is really affordable.
  • It's very easy to construct.
  • It's limited to glass storage tanks.
  • There aren't any type of flexible feet for leveling.
  • Its look is a lot more practical than elegant.
  • The coating scrapes quickly.

3. Marine Principles Multimedia Collection with Storage Space

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  • This stand determines 48" x 13.5" x 27.87" as well as evaluates 69 pounds. It features a leading shelf, together with two cabinets near the bottom.
  • It's made from MDF, with the locking camera assembly made of steel.
  • It's very easy to create.
  • It looks fairly stylish, and the leading rack enables you to adorn it additionally.
  • You've obtained sufficient storage area.
  • When it splashes, you need to wipe it down right away.
  • You'll also need to ensure the feet are level prior to you place in the tank.

4. Caitec Bird Toys Dual Aquarium Stands

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  • This steel stand measures 50.5" L x 32" H x 13" W, with a dimension opening of 46.5" x 11.25".
  • The top shelf holds a 55-gallon storage tank, with the bottoms shelf sustaining the exact same sort of tank or something smaller sized too.
  • With this setup, you don't use up as much space in the room.
  • It's powder-coated to resist corrosion and water damages.
  • It's very easy to assemble because of its really standard style, and also you don't also need devices for the setting up.
  • You're going to need to actually ensure that the feet aren't unsteady.
  • The arrangement can additionally be extremely hefty, so ensure your flooring placement can take the weight.

5. Marine Basics 50/65 Gallon Upright Stand

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  • What truly establishes this aquarium differs is that does not just support the aquarium at the corners. It's a strong top stand, therefore it sustains every square inch of the tank bottom.
  • This implies it can support a variety of aquariums, including smaller sized or rounded tanks that do not have edges at the best areas (or any edges whatsoever).
  • The premium quality of this stand is likewise demonstrated by the use of steel to metal locking webcam setting up. It's really different and much longer-lasting than those more affordable stands that cut expenses by utilizing timber screws and glue in their building and construction.
  • Ultimately, unlike metal frameworks, this stand works double as a storage space area inside. You simply press the front panel as well as it operates as a magnetic door.
  • It's really easy to assemble. All the parts are identified, as well as the guideline sheet comes with understandable instructions. Simply outline the components and also read the directions, and after that reviewed them once more forever action. All the predrilled holes remain in their appropriate places, and all you require is a screwdriver.
  • It's very lovely.
  • You do not have to stress over its durability as well as toughness.
  • The space bottom is very convenient, and with the door it looks excellent.
  • Individuals that hurry the setting up might have some trouble initially since you truly should put in the time to review the instructions initially.
  • Some individuals may want a shelf in the storage area, yet this may jeopardize the integrity of the whole stand.

6. PeetsPets Durable Wood Aquarium Stand with Storage

Imagitarium black-ball aquariums are a great way to display your aquarium or terrarium.

The fashion stand also includes an adjustable shelf and supply hook so you can easily store your living maintenance accessories.

With a sleek, modern look that fits seamlessly with any decor, it also has a wide selection of colors
The vertical aquarium from Imagitarium is built solidly to increase its durability

It comes with adjustable shelves and provides hooks for convenient storage.

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7. Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand

The Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand is definitely worth its place on the list for a number of reasons.

It carries your tank that sits on it at eye level. This gives you and your guests a great view without having to kneel or walk back just to see it.

Another great reason, it has an open backboard which is important because it promotes optimal airflow for any engine, pump, or other electronics inside. This also prevents overheating and power outage for your device.

If you like having doors, this one will fit perfectly into your home. It has two large front doors opening in one push. You will also have access to an internal shelf to place your items without having to overload the cabinets.

Most 55 gallon tanks can sit on this stand with plenty of space.

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8. Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand (55 Gallon, Black)

It gives your aquarium the attention it deserves. Display your aquarium on our durable metal aquarium stand.

With powder coating to further increase moisture resistance and boast a beautiful and classic roll design that runs down each side.

This aquarium or terrarium will definitely complement a variety of home furnishing and will look great in practically any home.

Build ready to assemble using metal lock cam assembly leads to a firmer and longer-lasting quality product.

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9. R&J Enterprises ARJ00243 Birch Wood Aquarium Canopy

R&J Enterprises Birch series canopies are more affordable. Birch series canopy made of birch wood material.

Designed for a 55-gallon aquarium. Available in black with high gloss. Measuring length 48 inches width 13 inches height 7 inches.

  • Made of birch wood material.
  • Hinge cap access feature.
  • Available in black with high gloss.
  • Measuring length 48 inches width 13 inches height 7 inches.
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10. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage

It has 2 front doors for easy access and generous storage for pumps, filters, and food.

This item made of dense fiberboard and covered with an attractive melamine wood finish, this rugged design of the stand supports every inch of your aquarium, unlike many other "lip" brackets that only support the corner.

The robust design allows you to safely use this underwater furniture with a variety of other pet aquariums and habitats.

The front of the stand is concealed to hide all necessary but necessary equipment such as filters and pumps. You can easily access accessories via the "single" or "double" panel door.

The back of the stand opens except for a single support brace; This allows you to conveniently route chords or tubes from the aquarium inside the bracket without cutting the panels.

These quality tank racks are ideal for supporting rectangular tanks whether it contains 29 gallons or 90 gallons.

With modern design definitely fits any location in your home.


We gathered a review of the Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand that to provide you some experience to make a good choice for which one to buy. We hope you enjoy this article.

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