How Do I Create A Round Fish Tank?

The Edges Of The Round Fish Tank

Experienced aquarists prefer rectangular aquariums, while skeptics prefer round tanks. You may hear that the round aquarium is uncomfortable to maintain, that it is dangerous to the health of the fish, and that it does not justify caring for it.

In fact, the contents of the piston have several disadvantages. Observance of certain rules and knowledge of which fish are suitable will allow many years to allow the residents a comfortable life. And of course, it’s a great home decoration too.


First of all, it is worthwhile to determine the main disadvantages of a round aquarium.

Small volume The standard sizes of round containers are designed for 10, 20 or 30 liters. A small round aquarium can be an inexperienced aquarist. A round container must also be equipped with a filter and other equipment.

Kích thước, Khối lượng không cho phép bất kỳ loại cá. Đi bộ với cây cũng không hoạt động.

The number of inhabitants In a room of 10, 20 or 30 liters, you can hold two or three fish. In addition, these fish should be small and have a number of qualities, which are explained below.

Distortion The glass aquarium has arched walls, they reflect the light and create a shadow, creating the illusion of movement. Fish susceptible to stress suffer.

Inconvenience. The care of such an aquarium is more difficult. The filter must be carefully monitored – it will get dirty faster. Maintenance is cumbersome, and frequent water changes and wall cleaning are an additional burden on fish.

Oxygen Due to the shape of the oxygen layer in the piston is small. There is less dissolved oxygen in the water, so the fish that requires such a parameter should not be selected.


Required equipment includes:

  • Filter;
  • Compressor;
  • Heater;
  • Backlight;
  • Stand

If you are interested in a round aquarium, it is worthwhile to consider the disadvantages carefully, but do not be afraid to do so. First decide on the volume. As mentioned earlier, the average volume of round aquariums is 10 liters, but you can buy 20 or 30 liter containers.

You need special equipment to create a cozy environment. This compressor, soil filter and heater. It is also necessary to provide the glass aquarium with lighting, but it is difficult to install it yourself. In order not to complicate your life, it is better to buy a container with built-in lamp.

Incidentally, heating, filters and compressor are purchased separately. In the pet store you will find special models for round containers – for example a round bottom filter or a practical compressor, which is masked in cramped conditions. There are aquariums with a built-in filter.

In addition to the equipment you need a cover for a round aquarium. It has several tasks at the same time:

  • Prevents fish from jumping out of the tank;
  • Serves as protection against prying cats who want to eat fish;
  • Mounting is mounted on the cover.

Finding the cover separately can be difficult. This is the second reason why it is better to choose a round aquarium with a lid. Stand under the aquarium is included, but can be made to order or bought separately in the store.

Select fish

Even though the filter, compressor and heater are perfectly matched, not all types of fish can be stored in 10, 20 or 30 liters of water. So what kind of fish should not be put in a bottle?

Large The several tens of liters per person need to die immediately in a round aquarium.

Nervous In the bottle, it is impossible to react to changes in the fish. No matter how luxurious filter or heater you have equipped with the bottle, it always distorts light and shadow and constantly scares the fish.

Steynye fish, used to herding, wither. You will suffer from lack of space. Getting a full-sized herd will not succeed, which will be an additional burden.

To maintain suitable species that maintain temperature (though this does not mean that the heater is not needed): sword heads, guppies, placiens, corridors, macropods, neons. Fish that are not sensitive to the oxygen content in the water are numerous: rooster, small gourami, macropods, also come into the flask.

It is important to know that the aquarium can only service one or two people normally. Baby guppies and neons should not exceed 10.

Incidentally, the choice of equipment should be made after choosing the type of fish that will live in your proposed aquarium.


No matter how much you want to decorate your home with a gold bottle, it’s better to reject the idea.

First, goldfish are classified as large species. The ball aquarium has a small volume: A fish needs at least 20 to 30 liters, but not ten. In any case, buying a 20 or 30 liter aquarium is uncomfortable even if you bring the filter to the aquarium. You can stop the selection with the smaller types of goldfish such as telescopes.

After choosing a goldfish, you really need to clean the aquarium often, carefully check the amount of food and replace the water. Are these efforts worth keeping a goldfish (which will definitely feel uncomfortable)?

Siamese fighting fish

Another popular inhabitant of the bottles is the fighting fish . The content of the fish is unproblematic, which is why lovers of round containers prefer it. In addition, fighting fish often give birth to starting aquarists.

For a tap you need about 30 liters of water. It is claimed that it can be contained in a 10-liter volume, but the fish will be small. The tap breathes atmospheric air, but the compressor still does not hurt. Do not forget to leave a sufficient air gap for the tap on the surface of the aquarium.

The equipment requires a heater and a filter. The tap likes warm, the temperature should be at 23-29 degrees. With fighting fish, different types of temperature can vary. The aquarium must also be equipped with lighting.

When choosing a faucet, watch out for the protection of the fish. The fighting fish needs a place to hide for a while. In addition, the cock must be clean like other fish. And while this is considered unpretentious, it does not mean that you need to operate the aquarium, do not equip it with a filter and do not have to care for the fish.


Artificial plants in an aquarium are of course more comfortable. They do not need care, they do not respond to changes in the environment. You will not be harmed by an insatiable fish. But for a round aquarium it is better to choose live plants. With a small volume, they become an additional source of oxygen.

Which plants are better to choose? Optimal options: Rogolodnik, Elodey, Pistiya, Cryptocoryn, Spiral Vallyseria. Some fish, like the rooster, really need plants – they serve as protection.

By the way, with the help of plants you can successfully decorate and hide the equipment installed in the aquarium – a compressor, a heater and other elements.

Arrangement and care

At the center of the decor is minimalism. If you overload the aquarium with plants and decorative elements, it is difficult to observe the fish.

It is better not to take flat ground: in a small volume, the water gets a lot muddy. Especially if the aquarium is equipped with a soil filter. It will look nice in a round aquarium with small stones. You can add some nice pebbles.

Do not forget the oxygen layer when holding a tap in the tank.

About 20% of the water is replaced weekly. Do not forget to clean the filter, it clogs faster. Sometimes a goblin or snail can help maintain cleanliness. Full maintenance requires regular vacuuming of the floor.

Glass round aquarium is not for everyone. Think carefully about which fish you want – a guppy, a swordtail or Siamese fighting fish. Do not overload the aquarium, restore order regularly, do not stretch the equipment and your interior will be decorated with a cute beach ball for a long time.

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