• For many aquarium hobbyists, besides choosing beautiful and valuable fish species, the fish tank is also a factor contributing to the aesthetic value of the overall house.
  • To get an aquarium with high aesthetic, feng shui and make the house space more luxurious, you can not overlook the choice of fish tank. However, choosing it can is not as simple as you think and becoming the concern of many people. Some basic information will help you determine the criteria for selecting the best and most reputable aquarium on the market. Let champagnereef find out through the article below.
  • Become a smart and intelligent buyer, always keep in mind the following things before you buy.

. The size of the aquarium

  • The first, you must determine purpose of  buying a fish tank that is suitable for the number of fish kept in the tank. With different fish breeds will need different tank sizes. If you intend to feed adult fish breeds, you have to choose a large tank size and while small fish breeds, the size tank will be different. However, for special fish species which need separate farming, you must also choose the right tank to not waste space.
  • On the market, there three tank sizes suitable for many requirements of  buyers that tank is 60-90-120 centimeters.
  • For 60 centimeters fish tank: It’s specifically used for rearing aquatic species. Standard tank size is 60x30x30 centimeters. This type of tank is suitable for small fish and a few.
  • For 90 centimeters fish tank: you can feed aquarium fish such as discus, snapper. It has dimensions 90x45x45 centimeters.
  • For 120 centimeters fish tank: you can choose bigger fishes breeds, the fishes are mature and need a larger area, such as the Dragon fish, etc… However, for larger fish species, you can choose 180 centimeters fish tank.

. The shape of the aquarium

  • The buyers should not overlook the choice of tank shape. According to feng shui of some Asian countries, the aquarium also plays an important role affecting the destiny of the owner. And if you are a non-religious person, you should choose the shape of the aquarium suitable for your home space.
  • Currently, on the market, there are some following aquarium shapes suitable for many requirements of  buyers as:
  • Hexagon fish tank: Aquariums should be placed in the center of the room or next to the door.
  • Circle fish tank: Aquariums should be placed in the center of the room or at the door of the room.
  • Rectangle fish tank: This aquarium is suitable for placement on the wall of the room.
  • Square, triangles, octagonal fish tank : Depending on your hobby and home space, you can choose this type of aquarium to decorate the house.

. Brackets of aquarium

  • Choosing the brackets of the aquarium is also very important and it need to ensure the factors: sturdy and durable, the brackets of the tank is evenly distributed, the height of the corners is balanced .. to withstand the weight of water. It keep the tank fixed and no movement.
  • Through the above article, nereef want to provide some knowledge to make the best choice for which one to buy. Hope it will give you a bit of experience in buying fish tank .