Tips For Buying And Caring For Beginners

Tips For Buying And Caring For Beginners

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  • Before buying an aquarium, there are some important decisions to make. Here are some things to keep in mind as evaluated by Champagnereef
  • If the aquarium especially practically be or design quality have? The practical sets include Tetra Starter Line and the complete aquariums from the Cube series by Dennerle. Such impressive cymbals as Fluval Edge or the ” Half-Moon ” from the Explorer line of Tetra are also original eye-catchers.
  • Is it intended for a child as an introduction to the aquarium? Then we recommend either the top product from Tetra or the ” cubes ” from Dennerle.
  • Is there enough space? Although a compact pool requires relatively small space, it must not stand by windows or heat. The optimum position is on the wall, where it has only minimal exposure to direct sunlight and the fish is not disturbed by loud noises or vibrations.
  • Basically, a smaller pool can also be placed on a side table, but it’s even better to buy a special, strong base cabinet. The base cabinets are available for all pool sizes.

. If there is no substrate in your kit, please note two aspects when purchasing:

  • Firstly, there are special bases for crustaceans that make it easier for animals to find food.
  • Second, there are always two types of land to buy – one that has fertilizer for aquatic plants and the other with sand or gravel for non-grown outdoor spaces. You can also apply a soil layer first and then a “normal” soil layer like sand or gravel.
  • If you do not have the heating element in your complete set, it is essential to buy it, because, in an unheated pool, no other ornamental fish or shrimp will be happy except the goldfish. When setting the temperature, pay attention to the ” feel-good temperature ” of your ornamental fish species.

. What plants and animals will move into the aquarium?

  • The choice of pelvis depends on this basic decision. If dwarf shrimp are raised, it could be a very small tank with a volume of 10-20 liters of water, for example, AquaArt or one of the Dennerle blocks. The important thing is that it is not too pressed. The stocking density of Crystal Red, Yellow Fire and other dwarf shrimp and Sulawesi shrimp, in short, crustaceans have a body length of 3 to 5 cm, the density can be 5-8 shrimp / liter of water. . If dwarf crabs are kept in an aquarium like CPO, then a 20 liter tank will be the least you can give a crustacean. For a pair of not less than 40-50 liters is required.
  • Decide whether a community aquarium or a species tank would like to set and select appropriate species of fish. Our recommendation: For a 45- to the 54-liter aquarium, two small flocks of nano fish such as red neon and butterfly barb for 5 each or, for example, two to three dwarf fish. In addition, two to three dwarf catfish such as the elegant delta-winged catfish.
  • Snails are a must, they are beneficial, because they use algae, plant remains and mulm. In addition, snails are pretty eye-catcher. If you opt for racer or antler slugs, you should not be afraid of a snail plague: these animals do not multiply in freshwater.
  • Buy several species of aquatic plants that differ in their stature height. The short-grown are in the foreground, medium-sized on the sides and high-growing – in the background or as an eye-catcher centrally placed.
  • Important! BEST FISH TANKS must be retracted for weeks before the animals move in: the entire technology is in operation, the lighting is switched on for about 10 hours a day, the water is added regularly water purifier and / or filter starter. The basin is planted from the beginning, the snails catch at the earliest in the third week, the stocking – only in the seventh week.
  • Please do not neglect the aquarium care! This consists of the weekly water change, in the change and the cleaning of filter media.

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